CCTV Installations

In the past CCTV has been used mainly as a deterrent and tool to manage risks and view events that had occurred in the past. Today more and more people are finding the benefits in utilising the “real time” benefits that CCTV combined with fast internet services can provide. Today it is possible to use real time information to supervise and verify events from a remote location. With a “smart phone” you can now access your CCTV system from almost anywhere. Allow us to give you the right advice and tailor a system that meets your needs and budget.

Macquarie Alarms & Security are the CCTV specialists.  

We can design and install a CCTV system that can offer the following benefits:  

  • Evidence to convict criminals

  • Confirmation of events. e.g: Did that person really slip and fall in my premises?

  • Reduced shrinkage

  • Reduced risk to people and property

  • A deterrent to anti-social behavior

  • Additional peace of mind

From the small corner store to the large industrial site we have the know how and ability to accommodate your needs.

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