Free Security System Tips

Your security system can become a “set and forget” type system. However things can and do go wrong from time to time. The best way to keep your system in peak condition is to use it often and have it regularly serviced by the professionals!

There are some other simple things that you can do to help avoid some of the common problems that people experience.

5 Free Security Tips

  1. Avoid leaving doors and windows open or ajar. Drafts & wind gusts can disturb the flow of air in your home. In a closed home or business warm air will rise to the ceiling. Your motion sensors are designed to detect the movement of heat. A draft or wind gust can move the warm air and trigger an alarm event!

  2. Turn off your Air Conditioning. Curtains, balloons, plants and decorations can be moved by air vents. One of the most frequent false alarm events we encounter is fans and air conditioning that have been left on while the alarm system is in operation.

  3. Visually inspect your security devices. Broken sensor lenses, spider webs, dust and other obstacles can reduce the effectiveness of your system and even cause annoying false alarms. A visual inspection is a great way discover and remedy these issues.

  4. Remove pets from alarmed areas. Where possible keep your pets out of alarmed rooms. If this isn’t possible a “pet immune” detector may need to be installed. As much as we love your pets, they are another cause high on the false alarm list.

  5. Update your “back to base” records. People come and go from our personal and work lives fairly regularly. Changing your alarm system user codes and updating the monitoring room data is great way to ensure that your security isn’t compromised and our response instructions are in line with your current needs.

We hope these tips are helpful and have you thinking a little bit more about how important it is to have your system running at it’s optimum.

Prices Reductions for 4G Alarm Monitoring Services!

I am pleased to announce we have struck a deal with Australia’s leading 4G communications company SCSI (Security Communications Solutions International). Enabling us to continue offering you a "premium" back to base DUAL SIM, 4G Alarm connection to our monitoring partner Onwatch but at a reduced rate.

The new price of *$38.50 inc GST per month, for our premium DUAL SIM service is now in line with the lesser SINGLE SIM services on offer from other providers in our area.

Over the past 5 years we have been forced to transition our alarm monitoring customers to 3G and in more recent times 4G devices for back to base communications. The cause of this has been the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The transition has seen most commercial customers experience a net reduction in overall security running costs due to the alarm reporting base to base by “data packets” as opposed to the previously costly phone calls over the copper network. Residential customers weren't so lucky as their alarms previously reported back to base less frequently.

The benefit to you, the customer, with this technology change has been an increase in the overall level of security provided. This is achieved by more frequent testing of the connection and hardware that links you to the monitoring room, the removal of a physical phone line that could be damaged or cut maliciously and Dual Path (Telstra & Optus) reporting paths back to base. Added to this is the convenience of an application that allows arming & disarming functions straight from a smart phone on most systems.

The required hardware upgrades and additional fees associated with this transition have certainly proven to be extremely disruptive to the entire Security Industry and frustrating to you as the end user of our security services. To help ensure the long term viability of our business and allow you to continue with your valuable back to base service, a portion of the upgrade path costs to customers continues to be absorbed by us and partially offset by the use of term agreements for alarm monitoring.

Another looming disruptor to our industry and some services is the scheduled shutdown of the 3G Networks in Australia. Upgrades to a 4G Network device for alarm monitoring should be organised sooner rather than later. If in doubt about your 3G or 4G status just send an email to us at

Our new arrangement with SCSI now enables us to offer existing customers with expired or expiring term monitoring agreements a cheaper upgrade path to 4G and a reduced ongoing monitoring fee.

* New and renewing Macquarie customers entering a 36 month Onwatch Monitoring agreement on Direct Debit can now have a 4G communication device at no charge as well as the premium DUAL SIM alarm monitoring service for a price our competitors will be envious of.

Yours in Security

Cameron Humphries

Managing Director