Security Guard Services


Security Patrols & Lock Ups are a really effective way of ensuring that your business premises are locked up tight and all is secure at the end of each day. As business owners and managers we've all arrived for work at some stage and found doors, gates or windows open. Or even worse we've found that some undesirable person has taken advantage of an unsecured area and your business has suffered as a result. 

The cost of this scenario is often hard to quantify. Loss of plant & equipment, repairs due to malicious damage, staff morale and productivity all enter the equation.

$5.00 per day is not a lot to pay to reduce the risk of an annoying and potential expensive business interruption. 



We offer customers in our service area a range of manpower services from our trusted and licensed staff, including:

  • Static Guards 
  • Event Security
  • Welfare Checks
  • Alarm responses

If you require event security we will travel. Nightly security patrols are available in Dubbo, Orange, Parkes & Wellington.  

If you’d like to learn more about the range of security services provided by Macquarie Alarms & Security, start a conversation with one of our consultants today. 


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