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The year is 1992 and in a small garage in Gundarra Street, Dubbo, Alan Marks sits monitoring just one alarm system.

If you had of asked him back then what the future would hold, never in his wildest dreams would he have ever imagined that 16 years down the track, in 2008, he would be in charge of the regions most successful security service company.

After selling alarms for another company, Alan made the decision to go into business for himself. He borrowed his share of the capital and together with a work colleague they created the now locally renowned business, Macquarie Alarm Services (MAS).
"I borrowed $10,000 from a mate, so all up I started out with about $20,000". Alan Marks recalled.

"We did up the garage, bought an old van and started out monitoring just one alarm", he said, remembering the meager beginnings of the business he now shares with his older brother, Bob.

Alan and his wife, Sue, were monitoring the alarms 24-hours a day with their only employees; a technician and a part-time secretary. It wasn't until a couple years later when the opportunity arose for Bob to buy out Alan's original partner, that the two brothers joined forces.

Bob's second bedroom was soon transformed into a monitoring room but with the business rapidly expanding they needed larger premises. In 1996, the Marks brothers took out a lease on offices in Darling Street.

"We signed a three year lease, but we couldn't wait for it to expire. The building was just too small at the rate we were expanding. We had people crawling over the top of one another."

At the end of the lease, rather than continue to pay rent for an office, Bob and Alan opted to buy and found a new location in Dubbo's Rosulyn Street in 1999, where they are still situated today.

"When we finally discovered this place we thought it was the Taj Mahal," Bob said.
"And it is, the offices are extremely spacious, modernly styled and the monitoring room equipped with the very latest technology, and staffed around the clock."

Today, Macquarie Alarm Services employ a staff of 40, have a fleet of twelve company cars, and business is booming after having installed at least 5000 alarms.

"We are extremely busy! We have gone from installing one alarm system a week to installing three or four alarm systems a day."
Macquarie Alarm Services now cover a 400 kilometre radius area around Dubbo and are the main security supplier to towns such as Mudgee, Lightning Ridge and Bourke to name just a few.

In February 2001 MAS  employed a sales representative and technician in Orange. This has now grown and includes an extra technician and office manager. The Orange Branch now boasts around 700 monitored alarm customers and this number continues to grow. 
For MAS, business keeps spiralling upwards and it seems as though the sky is the limit.

"We have recently completed a number of major tenders including the upgrade of high technology security systems at Dubbo South High School, Dundoo Hospital (incuding Nursecall) and Transgrid in Orange." said Alan.

"Orange and Mudgee Hospitals have also had us install the latest in digital CCTV Systems and we foresee an absolutely huge market in this area in the future," Bob added.
The Marks Brothers were both born and bred in Dubbo and pride themselves on the fact that Macquarie Alarm Services is 100% locally owned and operated.

What most people don't realise is there is more to Macquarie Alarm Services than simply installing and monitoring alarms 24 hours a day.

They also specialise in supplying and servicing security access control systems, Closed Circuit Television and smoke detectors.

MAS are now consolidating the business with emphasis on customer service and technology training. Plans are in place to expand their security storage facilities and further upgrade their monitoring room. In 2008, Macquarie Alarm Services are celebrating their 16th year in business and the future looks 'alarmingly bright'.